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Feminism Unfinished

A Short, Surprising History of American Women’s Movements


Dorothy Sue Cobble (Author), Linda Gordon (Author), Astrid Henry (Author)

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The American women's movement has been shrouded in myths, argue three leading scholars in this bold and revisionist history.

Eschewing the conventional wisdom that places the origins of the American women’s movement in the 1960s, Feminism Unfinished traces the beginnings of this social movement to the 1920s and rewrites a century of American women’s history. Challenging the contemporary "lean-in", trickle-down feminist philosophy, the authors demonstrate that the post-Suffrage women’s movement focused on the exploitation of women in the workplace as well as on sexual rights.

The authors revise the "wave" vision of feminism, which suggests breaks and divisions within media-driven "waves". Showing how history has obscured activism by working-class and minority women, Feminism Unfinished provides a much-needed corrective.

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