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The Science and Practice of Wellness

Interventions for Happiness, Enthusiasm, Resilience, and Optimism (HERO)

January 2020

Rakesh Jain (Author), Saundra Jain (Author)

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A dynamic approach to mental health and wellness, ready for any clinician to implement.

Wellness is rapidly becoming an issue of great importance in clinical practice. Wellness-centric clinicians look to improve various traits known to be beneficial to patients—traits such as happiness, enthusiasm, resilience and optimism (referred to as the HERO traits). All of these, not only improve global mental wellness, but also offer resilience against stress, depression and anxiety. Wellness-centric interventions augment both psychopharmacology and traditional psychotherapies, such as CBT.

Rakesh and Saundra Jain start with an in- depth review of the scientific literature and a practical introduction on applying wellness interventions in various clinical settings. Additionally, they offer advice on such beneficial practices as exercise, mindfulness optimised nutrition, optimised sleep, enhanced socialisation and positive psychology enhancement. A robust resource section offers access to wellness-centric scales and forms developed by the authors.



163 x 244 mm • 288 pages


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