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Client Communication and Therapeutic Response

A Workbook of Neurobiologically-informed Exercises for Sharpening Resonance

July 2020

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A companion guide to the author’s earlier book on the clinical applications of neurobiology.

Your Client’s Internal Experience illustrates key principles of affect regulation through case examples. Topics include affect regulation and the autonomic nervous system, defence mechanisms and the limbic system, threat management and the amygdala, therapeutic engagement issues and the vagal system, personality disorders as affect management strategy, the adolescent brain, integrating selected neurobiological concepts into the supervisory process, and psychotic symptoms.

Arlene Montgomery tackles the vexing problem of a clinician’s internal response to clients, utilising exercises to examine the therapist’s reactions to clinical material as a way to gather data about the client’s internal experience. Selected treatment principles of regulation theory guide each chapter. Companion concepts such as intersubjectivity, strangulation of affect and hidden regulators of attachment are also presented.

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203 x 254 mm • 288 pages


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