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Mindful Anger

A Pathway to Emotional Freedom


Andrea Brandt (Author)

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How to release anger and reconnect to yourself using mindfulness techniques.

Anger is one the most common human emotions, so if you’re not feeling it, then you’re probably unconsciously burying it. But anger that is buried isn’t actually gone. In fact, hidden or covert anger may be just as damaging as the overt, outwardly destructive kind, only it wreaks havoc from the inside-out. All sorts of physical and emotional problems can stem from suppressed anger: headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, just to name a few.

Buried anger is expressed in a continuum, with rage and aggression at the top, and frustration, annoyance, irritation at the bottom, and everything in between. Unless this anger is addressed, it is impossible to overcome.

This book urges readers to practice mindfulness-deliberately allowing physical sensations and emotions to surface so they can be examined and released. This sort of processing of anger-fully felt in the body as it happens, moved out through appropriate expression, and let go-will allow readers to process anger before it becomes unhealthy.

Whether for you or your clients, this book offers simple tools of mindfulness to strengthen your connection with your inner world and learn to explore your anger, paying heed to the important messages it is sending.


“[I]nterspersed with useful exercises, mindfulness techniques, case examples, sample scenarios as well as the author’s real-life experiences . . . [this book] will help you discover how anger manifests itself in your life and how to use mindfulness to release this anger positively, leading to a kind of self-liberalisation. . . . [U]seful to those in helping professions like counsellors and psychotherapists . . . . As this book addresses a globally relevant issue, that is, anger, through the use of both Eastern and Western techniques, it becomes a resource that can be used by practitioners from across the world.” — British Journal of Guidance & Counselling

“Brandt uses a warm and friendly tone and speaks from experience. The tools provided allow clients to slow down and understand their anger in order to deal with it in a healthy manner. This will lead to improvement in many other aspects of the reader’s life.” — International Journal of Psychotherapy

“Brandt helps us learn how to make anger a teacher that can have compassion. . . . I have already recommended her excellent book to some of my clients.” — PsychCentral

“Andrea Brandt . . . has written a user-friendly book for people who want to change how they habitually respond when they experience anger. The book is a helpful and practical resource to recommend to clients so that they can teach themselves to use mindfulness approaches to process overwhelming emotions (specifically anger) in healthy ways. . . . The book offers powerful tools for anyone to learn.” — The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

“Andrea Brandt's new book…grabs your emotional attention—your gut—from the opening pages. . . . This book will surely be found most helpful by a general educated public, but it would also provide a good text for budding specialists in the psychological professions, as yet ungrounded in Eastern practices.” — Metapsychology Online Reviews

“[Filled with insights on myths surrounding anger’s origins and arguments on breaking old habits and handling false perceptions about anger. Psychology collections will find this a key acquisition.” — Midwest Book Review

“This user–friendly and vital guide to understanding the gift of anger skillfully demonstrates how to transform its often misunderstood and destructive energy into a positive force to achieve our most cherished life goals. By learning how to figure out the source of our anger, its effects on us, and the urgent message it is trying to convey, we can thoughtfully and mindfully use it to change our lives, our relationships, and our world. A must-read!” — Constance Kaplan, Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist and EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant

“In Mindful Anger, Andrea Brandt pulls back the curtain surrounding this long misunderstood emotion and shows us—with great wisdom, heart, and a healthy dose of humor—not only how to manage this powerful feeling but how to reap its many benefits as well. Drawing on both her personal experience and her years of helping others as a therapist, Dr. Brandt combines the skills of mindfulness with a series of practical strategies to support and guide readers in the experience of processing, releasing, and resolving anger. This book offers readers the help they need to make anger their friend.” — Ronald J. Frederick, PhD, psychologist; author of Living Like You Mean It

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