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Essential Psychopathology Casebook


Mark D. Kilgus (Editor), William S. Rea (Editor)

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A problem-based learning casebook, keyed to the newly released DSM-V.

The clinical cases in this book are about real people suffering from psychopathology. Reviewing these cases will allow the early clinician to learn by observing the decision-making process of experienced clinicians. Reading this book is as close to a real-life experience as a reader can have without a patient in front of them.

Each chapter is consistently organized to answer these central questions concerning clinical presentation: functional impairment; DSM diagnosis (keyed to DSM-V); epidemiology; differential diagnosis; etiology and pathogenesis; natural course without treatment; evidence-based bio-psycho-socio-spiritual treatment options; clinical course with management and treatment; systems-based practice issues; and legal, ethical, and cultural challenges.

Designed as a clinical companion to the bestselling text, Essential Psychopathology and Its Treatment: Third Edition, this book’s important lessons can also be learned by reading it as a stand-alone text.


"Essential Psychopathology Casebook is an excellent clinical guide. Every mental health professional should have it on hand." — The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

"It is not just the level of expertise that makes this resource stand out . . . . What students and junior clinicians will most appreciate is all the highly nuanced case descriptions based on real, complex patients. . . . [A] worthwhile text. . . . It will have a prominent place on my bookshelf." — PsychCentral

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