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Transforming Negative Self-Talk

Practical, Effective Exercises


Steve Andreas (Author)

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A toolkit of practical strategies for managing intrusive, negative self-talk and how you respond to it.

Hearing a judgmental or disapproving internal narrative is a very common mental health complaint, and not always a sign of schizophrenia or another serious diagnosis. Persistent inner chatter and rumination can lead to depression, anxiety, phobias, trauma, obsessive-compulsive thoughts, and more. In this unique collection of practical, take-charge strategies, the author reveals how self-critical voices can actually be altered and used to your own advantage.

Rather than changing the words themselves, Steve Andreas’s approach is to change how the words are spoken through specific, easy-to-implement techniques, such as changing the location of the voice; its distance from you; its tempo, tone, or volume; and much more. Unlike most therapies that advocate talking back or ignoring it, this guide offers exercises for viewing our self-talk as a useful and productive indicator of our emotions, and shows us how to take control of them in a more meaningful way.


Transforming Negative Self-Talk: Practical Effective Exercises is a winner. I strongly recommend it! . . . [A] precise, articulate, systematic application of change principles to a particular problem . . . . I have used some of these exercises both on myself and with clients and they worked well and quickly. Negative self-talk triggers a vast array of problems, so this book has wide appeal.” — Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

“Any who daily struggle with self-critical voices will appreciate this unique approach . . . . [A] pick for any psychology or self-help collection.” — Midwest Book Review

“A clear and compelling book that provides many direct and helpful strategies for actively transforming inner experience . . . a gentle but powerful vehicle to help you build the kind of internal dialogue that makes meaningful change not only possible, but highly likely. Tell yourself you need to read this book—and be clever enough to follow the recommendation!” — Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author of Mindfulness and Hypnosis and Depression is Contagious

“This book is a rare jewel. Andreas has a clear and brilliant writing style. Through a myriad of concrete examples, he guides the reader in how to effectively manage self-talk.” — Giorgio Nardone, psychotherapist and Founder/Director of the Center for Strategic Therapy

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