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Complete Mental Health

The Go-To Guide for Clinicians and Patients


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Complete Mental Health is a handy desk reference for the clinician, and an illuminating overview of common mental health problems for anyone.

John Ingram Walker takes the reader through causes, methods of diagnosis, and recognized best treatment options. He offers therapists a clear path through the complexities of psychiatric diagnosis. Doctors and therapists will learn how to recognize the symptoms of several mental health concerns that commonly bring clients to their offices: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia and psychosis, dementia, substance abuse, personality disorders, sexual dysfunction and sleep disorders. At the same time, individuals from all walks of life will find here the tools they need to identity the warning signs signaling that they might be suffering from one of these conditions, and how to choose and get the most out of treatment.


“[P]ractical . . . [E]asy to read . . . [G]ood resource for clinicians wishing to learn the basics of mental health through a straight-forward and entertaining approach.” — Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (JCACAP)

“Highly readable, in-depth guide….an astounding, detailed view of drugs, psychotherapies and mental disorders….Case histories from Dr. Walker’s own practice bring his diagnoses alive….Superb advice.” — Dr. Bryan Knight, Hypnosis Depot

Complete Mental Health would be helpful for anyone who would like to learn more about mental health issues and disorders.... [A]n educational book that is able to present potentially dry material in a fun, interesting, and entertaining way.” — Metapsychology

“Although designed as a reference guide, the book is useful as a workbook for those wishing to expand and deepen their knowledge of psychiatric disorders.” — Journal of Analytical Psychology

“Walker has created a timely, comprehensive, and valuable contribution that is unsurpassed in mental health literature. Virtually all health professionals and consumers seeking a better understanding of mental health management will profit from this publication, a cornerstone contribution to the mental health literature.” — Tim R. Covington, PharmD, MS, Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Auburn University, and President and CEO, Covington Healthcare Associates, LLC