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Mind, Brain, and Education Science

A Comprehensive Guide to the New Brain-Based Teaching


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Establishing the parameters and goals of the new field of mind, brain, and education science.

A groundbreaking work, Mind, Brain, and Education Science explains the new transdisciplinary academic field that has grown out of the intersection of neuroscience, education, and psychology. The trend in “brain-based teaching” has been growing for the past twenty years and has exploded in the past five to become the most authoritative pedagogy for best learning results. Aimed at teachers, teacher trainers and policy makers, and anyone interested in the future of education in America and beyond, Mind, Brain, and Education Science responds to the clamor for help in identifying what information could and should apply in classrooms with confidence, and what information is simply commercial hype. Combining an exhaustive review of the literature, as well as interviews with over twenty thought leaders in the field from six different countries, this book describes the birth and future of this new and groundbreaking discipline. Mind, Brain, and Education Science looks at the foundations, standards, and history of the field, outlining the ways that new information should be judged. Well-established information is elegantly separated from “neuromyths” to help teachers split the wheat from the chaff in classroom planning, instruction and teaching methodology.


"[R]eliable and well-researched . . . . [A]n excellent tool for anyone needing to better understand the research that should be a foundation for our teaching methods." — 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

"[A]n artful exploration of this new field and a well-research study into its history, rudimentary framework, and readers a very comprehensive background in brain-based education's developmental path.... While impeccably researched and meaty, this work is written so it can be readily understood by educators from all levels.... Recommended." — CHOICE

"Scientific studies of the developing brain are advancing with unprecedented speed, and educators need a source to support them in understanding and distilling the new findings into usable knowledge for pedagogy. Tokuhama-Espinosa’s book not only accomplishes this goal, but places the new knowledge in historical context, giving educators essential tools for evaluating neuroscientific information and responsibly integrating it into their daily practice." — Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, University of Southern California Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Brain and Creativity Institute

"Interest in the brain is a hot topic in educational circles. It has been difficult, however to separate the wheat from the chaff. At last we have a book that does precisely that! This extremely carefully-researched, well-written book provides a critically needed antidote to the largely unfounded prescriptions being touted as 'brain-based.' All educators owe a debt of gratitude to Tokuhama-Espinosa for providing a true look at what the research says and doesn't say." — Pat Wolfe, EdD, author of Brain Matters

"In this very engaging book, Tokuhama-Espinosa provides an insightful historical perspective on the genesis of 'mind, brain, and education,' and outlines both the promises and challenges that characterize this emerging academic discipline. This book is a must-read for students, teachers and researchers interested in this new transdisciplinary endeavor." — Daniel Ansari, Canada Research Chair in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Western Ontario

"Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa had the courage, the talent and the generosity to present a comprehensive guide of the theory and practice of neuroeducation, in particular of the new brain-based teaching. She has followed with remarkable detail the different threads of the complex development of the mind, brain and education science and the amazing and inspiring history of the transdisciplinary research of many of the leading experts in the new field….This work is a vivid demonstration that the horizon of learning and teaching is expanding at increasing speed….[A] source of inspiration for many who are engaged in the search of a better education to all." — Antonio M. Battro, MD, PhD, co-author of The Educated Brain

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