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The Dao of Neuroscience

Combining Eastern and Western Principles for Optimal Therapeutic Change


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Combining new scientific paradigms with ancient wisdom.

Neuroscientists have made huge advances in our understanding of the brain, and yet as scientists learn more, paradoxes arise. How does the brain—a material substance—relate to and produce nonmaterial thoughts and emotions? What explains the research showing that non-rational, unconscious experiencing can sometimes be more accurate than deliberate, conscious thought? The resolution of these paradoxes has important implications for all the helping fields, suggesting new approaches to mind–brain–body change.

By weaving together Eastern traditions (including Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, and Daoism) and Western science, new understandings previously not considered emerge. The Dao of Neuroscience is an insightful introduction to these traditions which sheds new light on the relationship between the mind and the brain. Dao is an ancient Eastern method, a Way or Path for exploring and learning. From the Eastern perspective, everything has its Dao, its Way, even the brain. As we learn the Dao of neuroscience, we come to understand the brain's most optimal ways of functioning and how to facilitate its natural processes toward health, happiness, and fulfillment.


“[A] must-have volume for any psychotherapist’s bookshelf.” — Metapsychology Online Reviews

“[A] brilliant work that captures concepts of neuroscience and makes it more understandable…You will come away with usable facts, and practical applications that will inspire you creatively…By halfway through I wanted all therapists to read this book because I realized it can help us all do better work.” — Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

“A comprehensive and detailed overview of the latest scientific findings on the workings of the mind...Excellent.” — Yoga and Health Magazine, UK

“The profound science, scholarship, and elegant genius of The Dao of Neuroscience makes it a must-read for the general public, patients, and therapists at the cutting edge of mind-body healing and human consciousness.” — Ernest Rossi, PhD, Author of A Dialogue with Our Genes

“An easy-to-read yet captivating excursion through the complexities of brain science and metaphysics. It is one of the few books I’ve read that attempts to bridge Eastern and Western thinking to gain greater insight into brain–mind relationships. The authors present sensitively attuned exercises that complement and enhance contemporary therapeutic approaches.” — Jaime A. Pineda, PhD, Dept. of Cognitive Science, UCSD

“An ambitious book that integrates significant research on neuroscience and the brain–mind connection, Eastern traditions and philosophy, and current thinking on the use of therapeutic interventions and evidence-based practice. With longstanding expertise as psychotherapists steeped in ancient Eastern wisdom, the authors successfully transmit the benefits of their vast knowledge and experience, drawing on case examples from their own practice. This is an impressive tome that will lead us to think in new, integrative ways.” — James D. Spivak, PhD, Director, Counseling Center, Towson University

“[N]ew world of neuroscience or self-hypnosis with a sense of familiarity and self-protections. The Simpkins, good writers, use their talent strengthened by method and discipline.” — Consuelo Casula, European Society of Hypnosis

“This clearly-written book contributes to the burgeoning literature showing the therapeutic significance of mind–body–brain relationships. It offers an up-to-date neuropsychology primer for therapists, giving a practical understanding of how both problems and solutions develop. Read, learn, and enjoy!” — Stephen Gilligan, PhD, Author of Therapeutic Trances

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