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Meditation for Therapists and their Clients


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Meditation for Therapists and Their Clients offers an in-depth exploration of what meditation is, how to do it, and how to use it.

Meditation is widely accepted today as having many health benefits. An evergrowing body of research reveals that meditation can be a valuable therapeutic tool for particular problems such as stress, depression, and addictions. Neuroscience research has given further evidence by uncovering some of the neural correlates. With promising findings, psychotherapists can confidently incorporate meditation methods into their practice.

This book is written for health care professionals to provide new methods that can be added into their patients’ treatment regime. Therapists will find meditation personally helpful to sharpen clinical acumen and for personal growth. The book also directly addresses the needs of clients, to help them learn these practices and make them their own. Drawing on a range of meditation tools and techniques—and not favoring any one particular approach—this book explains the principles of meditation to therapists, and demonstrates how to utilize these principles in psychotherapeutic work with clients.


“[A] well-written, enjoyable guide to meditation….This book is invaluable.” — Allen K. Hess, PhD, Dept of Psychology, Auburn University at Montgomery

“The Simpkins offer a comprehensive, practical path that shows how meditation facilitates growth and development.” — Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, Director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

“This wise and wonderful volume provides a thoughtful introduction to Eastern and Western perspectives on…cultivation of mind and meditation.” — Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD

“Methods presented here are worthy of careful study….innovative and valuable book.” — Michael D. Yapko, PhD, clinical psychologist

“[C]omplete, clear, and valuable book.” — NAAP News

“We should all have this book in our offices. I really recommend it.” — Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

“The authors use clear and simple language, are generous with photos and figures that demonstrate their techniques and points…and provide a balance of “how-to” with support for their contentions….useful information for both professionals and therapy clients.... I would (and will) recommend it to my clients and colleagues.” — PsycCritiques

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