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STOP Domestic Violence

Innovative Skills, Techniques, Options, and Plans for Better Relationships: Group Leader's Manual


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A revision of the highly successful Domestic Violence 2000, this comprehensive treatment program for domestic violence offenders is an all-in-one manual for therapists, social workers, and other counselors.

The manual teaches group leaders how to effectively and successfully administer Wexler’s internationally-recognized program by integrating cognitive behavioral skills and a client-centered, skill-building approach that emphasizes respect for the offender himself.Treatment providers will find the open-ended 26-week psychoeducational treatment model—packed with new and innovative specific skills-training exercises, handouts, and homework—easily adaptable to different settings. Its structured interventions, clear guidelines, and philosophical orientation are neatly presented in five sections: Foundations, Special Program Sessions, Group Sessions: Self-Management, Group Sessions: Relationship Skills, and Standard Forms. The accompanying workbook and the skills learned from the CD-ROM exercises are invaluable take-home resources for the group members, fully engaging the abusive male in his own education and healing process.

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