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Case Studies, Guiding Principles, and the Clinical Potential of the Internet


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In a world of information that tends toward randomness, therapists and clinicians often need guidance regarding how best to use new technologies and yet not allow the chaos of new media to undermine their practice.

Here, a leading provider of online mental health information, Dr. Robert Hsiung, has gathered a group of distinguished contributors to discuss clinical, ethical, and legal issues pertaining to e-therapy. Full of case studies and examples of active programs that deliver mental health information and therapy via new media, E-Therapy offers first-hand accounts of the potential and risks of recent trends in 'distance therapy' and 'telepsychiatry.' Chapters include
  • The Internet 'Expert': Ronald Pies
  • An E-Patient's Story: Martha Ainsworth
  • Chat Room Therapy: Gary S. Stofle
  • Using E-mail to Support Outpatient Treatment: Joel Yager
  • Community Telepsychiatry: Sara F. Gibson
  • An Online Self-Help Group Hosted by a Mental Health Professional: Robert C Hsiung
  • Principles of Professional Ethics: Robert C Hsiung
  • Legal Ethics in On-line Mental Health: Nicholas P. Terry