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Cognitive Neuroscience

The Biology of the Mind

Fifth International Student Edition

Mixed media product

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Authoritative, applied and accessible.

Written by world-renowned researchers, including Michael Gazzaniga, Cognitive Neuroscience remains the gold standard in its field, showcasing the latest discoveries and clinical applications. In its new Fifth Edition, updated material is woven into the narrative of each chapter and featured in new Hot Science and Lessons from the Clinic sections. The presentation is also more accessible and focused as the result of Anatomical Orientation figures, Take-Home Message features, and streamlined chapter openers.

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  • Interactive E-Book - students can take notes, bookmark, search, and highlight. Instructors can add notes for students, and all readers can sync across devices and read offline.
  • ZAPS - interactive computer experiments. Eleven key online experiments in cognitive psychology offer a taste of psychological research and discovery through engaging hands-on activities.
  • 14 video interviews with leading neuroscientists who discuss how the latest research, technology and interdisciplinary methods have expanded our understanding of how the mind works.

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