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Still Mad

American Women Writers and the Feminist Imagination

September 2021

Sandra M. Gilbert (Author), Susan Gubar (Author)

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A brilliant, sweeping history of the contemporary women’s movement told through the lives and works of the literary women who shaped it.

Forty years after their first groundbreaking work of feminist literary theory, The Madwoman in the Attic, award-winning collaborators Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar map the literary history of feminism’s second wave. In Still Mad, they offer lively readings of major works by such writers as Sylvia Plath, Lorraine Hansberry, Adrienne Rich, Ursula K. Le Guin, Maxine Hong Kingston, Gloria Anzaldúa and Toni Morrison. To address shifting social attitudes over seven decades, they discuss polemics by thinkers from Kate Millett and Susan Sontag to Audre Lorde, Andrea Dworkin and Judith Butler.

As Gilbert and Gubar chart feminist gains—including creative new forms of protests and changing attitudes toward gender and sexuality—they show how the legacies of second wave feminists, and the misogynistic culture they fought, extend to the present. In doing so, they celebrate the diversity and urgency of women who have turned passionate rage into powerful writing.


"They’ve done it again! The personal, the political, the literary, the critical—the brilliant literary team of Gilbert and Gubar extend their foundational studies of women’s writing to encompass the twenty-first century. Tracing the key events and writers of the second wave of the women’s movement from the 1950s to the election of Biden and Harris, they map the tumultuous, explosive, and ongoing energies of American women’s writing. Make space on your bookshelf for this lively and indispensable volume." — Elaine Showalter, professor emerita of English, Princeton University

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