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Bar Chef

Handcrafted Cocktails


Christiaan Rollich (Author), Carolynn Carreño (Author)

With a Foreword by Suzanne Goin, With a Foreword by Caroline Styne

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An inviting handbook for cocktails rooted in classics and updated with a farm-to-glass ethos, from "one of LA’s most innovative mixologists" (Forbes).

Celebrated Los Angeles bartender Christiaan Röllich approaches a drink the way a master chef approaches a dish: he draws on high-quality seasonal ingredients to create cocktails for every occasion.

In Bar Chef, Röllich shares 100 original recipes for drinks that are as beautiful as they are delicious, including the Quixote (gin and grapefruit); a Kentucky Sour (bourbon and homemade cola syrup); Eggnog for the holidays; and Röllich’s signature drink, the Green Goddess (green tea vodka and cucumber with arugula, jalapeno, and absinthe), which has become a part of the language of LA.

Featuring easy-to-follow recipes for syrups, tinctures, liqueurs, and bitters with herbs, spices, and seasonal fruit, Röllich guides you through his creative process, demystifying the craft of cocktail making. With stunning color photography and the suave storytelling of your favorite bartender, Bar Chef will become a go-to bar book for home cooks and cocktail enthusiasts, inspiring and pleasing readers with every drink.


“With Christiaan Röllich as a guide you’ll be inspired to transform the seasonal ingredients at your local farmers’ into a spirited spice rack for ambitious and inventive cocktails.” — Brad Thomas Parsons, author of Bitters and Amaro

“Röllich’s forward-thinking approach produces some of the tastiest cocktails I have seen in a very long time.” — Nina Compton, chef and co-owner, Compère Lapin

“Christiaan’s style is a unique combination of European refinement and California farm-to-table. A welcome addition to my collection.” — Neal Bodenheimer, owner, Cure and Cane & Table

“I love having Christiaan guide me through the wide array of honest, creative, and delicious cocktails he whips up.” — Aarón Sanchez

“In this inspired collection of 100 original craft cocktail recipes, Röllich thinks about and creates cocktails like a chef. Röllich, who runs the bar program for the Lucques restaurant group in L.A., pairs fanciful flavorings from syrups, tinctures, juices, and bitters with a wide variety of spirits…Röllich, along with coauthor Carreno (Forks over Knives: Flavor!), writes with the authority and straightforward style of a working bartender…This refreshing collection is a must-have for those seeking a no-nonsense approach to making high-end drinks.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)