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An Illustrated Guide to Writing Fiction


John Dufresne (Author), Evan Wondolowski (Illustrated by)

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A smart and funny guide to writing fiction with lively infographics to help aspiring writers visualise storytelling techniques.

Whether you are daunted by a blinking cursor or frustrated trying to get the people in your head onto the page, writing stories can be intimidating. It takes passion, tenacity, patience and a knowledge of—and faith in—the writing process. A manual for the apprentice fiction writer, Storyville! demystifies that process; its bold graphics take you inside the writer’s mind and show you how stories are made.

John Dufresne provides insight into the building blocks of fiction. With original prompts and exercises crafted with Dufresne’s singular dry wit, and Evan Wondolowski’s playful and illuminating graphics on every page, Storyville! is the perfect companion for aspiring writers of all levels.

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