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Interactive Psychology

People in Perspective

Mixed media product

James J. Gross (Author), Toni Schmader (Author), Bridgette Martin Hard (Author), Adam K. Anderson (Author)

With contributions from Beth Morling

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A breakthrough for interactive learning in psychology.

Interactive Psychology: People in Perspective is the first online textbook for introductory psychology that was conceived and built as an immersive, interactive online learning experience. Whether students read and work with this ebook on their phone, tablet or laptop, Interactive Psychology will help them succeed in their psychology course. Studies have shown that students who use interactive ebooks spend significantly more time on the text’s practice materials than students who use printed textbooks and students who test themselves frequently achieve better grades in their courses (Sommers, Shin, Greenebaum, Merker, & Sanders, 2019). Interactive Psychology embraces that research to improve student learning through interactive explorations, compelling videos, dynamic maps and graphs, and Check Your Understanding questions at the end of each study unit. With Interactive Psychology students learn psychology by doing psychology.

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