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Gerald Stern (Author)

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“What a voice, what a bardic roll. [Stern’s] poetry is a lifelong act of love.”— Philadelphia Inquirer

National Book Award winner Gerald Stern’s wistful and lively poems span countries and centuries, reflecting on memory, aging, history and mortality.


“[Stern] has settled into a serenity reminiscent of his old master Whitman… Yet the appetite’s still on duty.” — The New York Times Book Review

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  • 9780393352863 72

    Divine Nothingness: Poems

    Gerald Stern

    Paperback, 2016

    From the National Book Award–winning author of This Time, a new volume of poems that explore the very nature of existence.
  • 9780393348941 72

    In Beauty Bright: Poems

    Gerald Stern

    Paperback, 2014

    “The work of an American master.”—World Literature Today
  • 9780393086447 72

    In Beauty Bright: Poems

    Gerald Stern

    Hardcover, 2012

    “Gerald Stern is the most expansively celebratory poet in years. He is akin to a natural force.”—Georgia Review
  • 9780393076660 72

    Early Collected Poems: 1965-1992

    Gerald Stern

    Hardcover, 2010

    “Stern’s unadorned craftsmanship has few rivals in American letters.”—Philadelphia Inquirer
  • 9780393337310 72

    Save the Last Dance: Poems

    Gerald Stern

    Paperback, 2010

    The fifteenth collection by a celebrated poet whose “terrific, boisterous energy has never flagged” (Megan Harlan, San Francisco Chronicle).