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Cowboys Are My Weakness


January 2019

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Pam Houston (Author)

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“Brilliant.… [Houston] takes women into grand spaces, both emotional and physical, and isolates them until there’s nothing left to do but sit down and take a hard look at one’s soul.” —Los Angeles Times

In Pam Houston’s best-selling story collection, we meet smart women who are looking for the love of a good man, and men who are wild and hard to pin down. Our heroines are part daredevil, part philosopher, all acute observers of the nuances of modern romance. Cowboys Are My Weakness is a shrewd and intoxicating look at men and women—together and apart.


“Exhilarating, like a swift ride through river rapids.” — Washington Post Book World

“Illuminated by a sturdy sense of humor and a gift for poetic description.” — The New Yorker

“[Houston’s] prose [is] sharp and clean and full of sentences worth underlining.” — New York Times Book Review

“In Pam Houston’s wonderful stories, sex and hunting are somehow confused, as are humans and animals. People wear skins, the animals speak, and those guys—the ones we all thought were extinct, the ones who defined what a man was—turn up, very much alive, and up to their usual tricks. Houston’s women know they should know better, but they don’t, and the result is a beautiful collection about sexual politics, old and new.” — Charles Baxter

“A powerhouse.… Houston’s women are strong and free-spirited—their encounters with their moosehunting, whitewater-rafting, wilderness-loving lovers are more comic than tragic, and always entertaining.” — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Houston is a writer of talent and promise.” — Newsday

“A brilliant collection of stories… that strike at the heart and end up revealing much about the complex state of relations between men and women.” — Judith Freeman, Los Angeles Times

“Many of these short gems owe their entire core to the west, which, more a character than a setting, allows subtle interplay to occur between Houston’s strong, modern women and the prairie or rangeland they temporarily inhabit.” — Milwaukee Journal

“Beautifully written and funny.” — Cleveland Plain Dealer

“These are adventure stories that would make Hemingway jealous.” — Arizona Republic

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