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The Roman Way


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Drawing on the greatest writers of its civilization, Hamilton vividly depicts the life and spirit of Rome.

In this informal history of Roman civilization, Edith Hamilton vividly depicts the Roman life and spirit as they are revealed in the greatest writers of the time. Among these literary guides are Cicero, who left an incomparable collection of letters; Catullus, the quintessential poet of love; Horace, the chronicler of a cruel and materialistic Rome; and the Romantics Virgil, Livy and Seneca. The story concludes with the stark contrast between high-minded Stoicism and the collapse of values witnessed by Tacitus and Juvenal.


“No one in modern times has shown us more vividly… ‘the grandeur that was Rome.’ [Edith Hamilton] proved how applicable to our daily lives are the humor and wisdom of more than 2,000 years ago.” — The New York Times

“... her [Edith Hamilton's] works still have the power to enlighten, particularly as artefacts of a time when what “Europe” meant was in crisis.” — Times Literary Supplement

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