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The Art of Grace

On Moving Well Through Life


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A Pulitzer Prize-winning dance critic teaches us to appreciate—and enact—grace in every dimension, from the physical to the emotional.

We are drawn to smooth, harmonious movement. Both social and physical graces have been taught since the dawn of civilization. Yet grace seems forgotten in our pushy, hectic modern world. Sarah L. Kaufman argues that we should bring it back. She celebrates grace in the way bodies move; exploring how to stand, walk and dress well. She deplores the rarity of grace among public figures and glories in it where found. She singles out grace in sports and in the arts—from tennis and football to sculpture, music and dance—and in the everyday ways people interact, from the grace of a good host to the kindness of strangers.

Cary Grant is this book’s muse. His ease flowed from training as an acrobat but also from his wit, humility and genuine concern for others. So, Kaufman suggests, we might unearth the potential for grace in ourselves.


“[A] delightful...elegant book, which is part reflection, part instruction manual... Kaufman, always with a light touch, covers the physical, spiritual and of course the sartorial elements of grace.” — Erica Wagner, Harper's Bazaar

The Art of Grace is thoughtful and interesting…” — The Times

“Both joyful and directive, a celebrity-packed collection of observations and a manual for easing anyone’s way through the world. It’s a book with a message, delivered with calm command.” — Cathy Lynn Grossman, The Huffington Post

The Art of Grace is thoughtful and interesting…” — Karen Shook, New and Noteworthy, Times Higher Education

“Kaufman’s deft way with words aligns perfectly with her subject: Smooth and controlled, she writes with authority about an impressive array of subjects... Thoughtful and inspiring.” — Sarah Archer, The Washington Post