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Psychology: The Comic Book Introduction

December 2017

Danny Oppenheimer (Author), Grady Klein (Illustrated by)

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An award-winning animator and cartoonist teams up with a cognitive psychologist to introduce readers to the often comedic world of psychology.

Psychology is the study of our behaviour, of the ways our minds make sense of the world around us. It is a serious endeavour because we value scientific knowledge, for what it tells us about the world but also for what it reveals about our place in the world. Yet, as Grady Klein and Danny Oppenheimer point out, the study of human experience is comical.

Split into three sections, “Making Sense of the World”, “Making Sense of Ourselves” and “Making Sense of Others”, the book gives observations on perception, stress, language, emotions, cognition and more with cartoons to bring them to life. Our experiences blundering through the world are perfect cartoon fodder, and Klein and Oppenheimer are the perfect team to bring that whimsy to its most logical format.



180 x 254 mm • 240 pages


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