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Death by Black Hole

And Other Cosmic Quandaries

September 2014

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With ease and originality, Tyson illuminates topics ranging from the linguistic merits of astrophysics to the limits of our five senses to the search for life in the universe.

Readers of his essays in Natural History magazine recognise Neil deGrasse Tyson's talent for guiding them through the mysteries of the cosmos with clarity and enthusiasm. Here, Tyson compiles his favourite essays across a myriad of topics. The title essay introduces readers to the physics of black holes by explaining the gory details of what would happen to your body if you fell into one. "Holy Wars" examines the needless friction between science and religion in the context of historical conflicts. And "Hollywood Nights" assails the movie industry's feeble efforts to get its night skies right.


"In this highly enjoyable collection of essays, the ever charismatic astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson offers us a peek at the scientific mind in action..." — New Scientist

"[Tyson] tackles a great range of subjects... with great humor, humility, and—most important—humanity." — Entertainment Weekly

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