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Game Theory and the Art of Transforming Strategic Situations


David McAdams (Author)

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Empowers readers with the wisdom to win in every strategic situation.

"Freedom to chart one’s strategic destiny comes only to those who are game-aware enough to rise above the game and determined enough to change the game to their own advantage" writes David McAdams in this ground-breaking, paradigm-busting romp through the game theory of business and life. The reader will emerge as a "game-changer", more aware of the strategic interactions in their life and empowered with a set of methods to change those "games" to their advantage.

The "Game-Changer’s Toolkit" introduces six ways to change games, using the Prisoners’ Dilemma as a recurring example of a solvable strategic challenge. Six "Game-Changer Files" present a wide variety of pressing strategic problems, from how to keep prices low on the Internet to how to win the battle with infectious disease.


“...a well-written account of wide-ranging real-world situations that show the nuts and bolts of game theory...” — Engineering & Technology

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