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Anatomy of Love

A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray

Completely Revised and Updated with a New Introduction


Helen Fisher (Author)

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Fresh material brings this "delightful to read, fascinating" (The New York Times) classic to new readers.

Lust, romance, attachment... Antatomy of Love explores such questions as whether monogamy is natural, why we choose certain partners and why we might cheat on them. In this completely revised edition, anthropologist Helen Fisher adds a host of new data on the brain in love and on courtship in our digital age. She casts an original (and optimistic) lens on modern love, proposing that we are returning to patterns of romance that evolved in our primordial past.


“...ground-breaking...” — The Times

“Fisher weaves a persuasive and consistently surprising new explanation of the roots of human marriage, sex, and love. Her account cuts more deeply than the ordinary literature on human sexuality.” — Edward O. Wilson