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Law and Disorder

Absurdly Funny Moments from the Courts


Charles M. Sevilla (Author), Lee Lorenz (Illustrated by)

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Hilarious, unbelievable-but-true stories from the American courts.

Charles M. Sevilla finds comic gems in court transcripts. This new collection starts with a chapter on defendants (one of whom, when asked his marital status, replies after a long pause, "Adequate") and follows with sections on lawyers, experts, witnesses, evidence and even one called “Malaprops”. Sevilla’s stories have become viral Internet sensations, priming readers for more disorder.

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  • 9780393319262 72

    Disorderly Conduct: Excerpts from Actual Cases

    Rodney R. Jones, Charles M. Sevilla, Gerald F. Uelmen, Lee Lorenz

    Paperback, 1999

    "Splendid. . . . Pokes irreverent fun at everyone in the court system. . . . Lee Lorenz' fine illustrative cartoons add laughs to this madness."—Chicago Tribune
  • 9780393309416 72

    Supreme Folly: Hilarious Excerpts from Actual Court Cases

    Rodney R. Jones, Gerald F. Uelmen, Lee Lorenz

    Paperback, 1993

    “More hilarity from the folks who brought us Disorderly Conduct . . . . It’s better to laugh than to cry when contemplating the court system.” —Booklist