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That's Disgusting

Unraveling the Mysteries of Repulsion


Rachel Herz (Author)

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"A lively look at all things revolting." —New York Times Book Review

Why do we watch horror movies? What is the best way to persuade someone to quit smoking? And what on earth is the appeal of competitive eating? In this lively, colourful book, Rachel Herz answers these questions and more, shedding light on an incredible range of human traits—from food preferences and sexual attraction to moral codes and political ideology—by examining them through the lens of a fascinating subject: disgust. Combining lucid scientific explanations and fascinating research with a healthy dose of humor, That’s Disgusting illuminates issues that are central to our lives: love, hate, fear, empathy, prejudice, humour and happiness.


“In her lively tour of vileness, Herz argues that disgust is in the mind of the beholder.” — Nature

That's Disgusting is full of delightful details...” — The Spectator

“Leaves you contemplating how your own sense of disgust may be manipulated, or even overcome.” — New Scientist

“Should be required reading.” — Becky Krystal, The Washington Post

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