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The Kingdom of Ordinary Time



Marie Howe (Author)

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Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize: “Thought-provoking, poignant, brutal, amusing, and always beautiful.”—Elizabeth Berg

Hurrying through errands, attending a dying mother, helping her own child down the playground slide, the speaker in these poems wonders: what is the difference between the self and the soul? The secular and the sacred? Where is the kingdom of heaven? And how does one live in Ordinary Time—during those apparently unmiraculous periods of everyday trouble and joy?


“Howe is a careful and soulful alchemist. She makes metaphor matter and material metaphysical. She becomes magic with her transforming perspective that is part mother, part muscle, part music, part mind. This book has the amazing thing that Howe always seems to pull off: the miracle.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“In Marie Howe's new collection... we delve into the connection between regular life and the intensified life inspired by revelation.” — Washington Post Book World

“A lovely, clearheaded collection.” — Austin Chronicle

“An avid eye for the glint of gold.” — Booklist

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