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The Creation

An Appeal to Save Life on Earth


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The book that launched a movement: “Wilson speaks with a humane eloquence which calls to us all” (Oliver Sacks).

Called “one of the greatest men alive” by The Times of London, E. O. Wilson proposes an historic partnership between scientists and religious leaders to preserve Earth’s rapidly vanishing biodiversity.


“A contemporary jeremiad ... at times searing, at times soaring.” — Tom Levinson, Chicago Tribune

“Rarely has the divide between secular science and revealed religion been bridged so gracefully.” — Robert Lee Holtz, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“The wise and lovely work of a truly learned man.” — Matthew Scully, New York Times Book Review

“Beautiful and passionate.” — David B. Williams, Seattle Times

“One of our greatest thinkers says we can only rescue the earth by starting with its smallest inhabitants. ... Read this book.” — The Times (London)

“If humankind finds a way to live in peace together, and in harmony with nature, E. O. Wilson will have played a unique role in that deliverance.” — Jeffrey Sachs

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