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The Confident Child

Raising Children to Believe in Themselves


Terri Apter (Author)

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A renowned social psychologist's clear-cut, thoughtful, and practical strategy for parents who want to promote self-confidence in their child.

Raising confident, motivated, and caring children is a parent's greatest challenge. Drawing on her own extensive research on children and parents, Terri Apter has created a guide based on "emotional coaching"—learning to respond appropriately to a child's feelings—that helps parents raise children to solve problems, to be socially active and understand others, and to manage emotions, all of which are crucial to developing confidence and functioning successfully in society. Hugely insightful, reassuring, and accessible, The Confident Child is a truly necessary parenting guide. Winner of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Educator's Award.


“Convincing, well-written and truly helpful . . . suggests concrete ways for parents to help their children like themselves and feel confident.” — Publishers Weekly

“Terri Apter convinces the reader that she is on our side. . . . Her wisdom is tempered by warmth and a rueful acknowledgment that she hasn’t always got it right herself, which is totally disarming.” — Mary Hoffman, author of Amazing Grace

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