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Call Me Ishmael Tonight

A Book of Ghazals


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"Ali's ghazals are contemporary and colloquial, deceptively simple, yet still grounded in tradition....Highly recommended."—Library Journal

The beloved Kashmiri-American poet Agha Shahid Ali presents his own American ghazals. Calling on a line or phrase from fellow poets, Ali salutes those known and loved—W. S. Merwin, Mark Strand, James Tate, and more—while in other searingly honest verse he courageously faces his own mortality.


“His ghazals offer a path toward a level of lyric expansiveness few poets would dare to aspire to.” — Michael Palmer

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  • 9780393324167 72

    Rooms Are Never Finished: Poems

    Agha Shahid Ali

    Paperback, 2003

    "An incomparable work, an unmatched achievement."—Anthony Hecht
  • 9780393317619 72

    The Country without a Post Office: Poems

    Agha Shahid Ali

    Paperback, 1998

    "Translucent elegies 'for the city that is leaving forever' (Srinagar) from one of its sons, who also happens to be one of America's finest younger poets."—John Ashbery
  • 9780393309249 72

    A Nostalgist's Map of America: Poems

    Agha Shahid Ali

    Paperback, 1993

    With his prologue poem "Eurydice," Agha Shahid Ali's Nostalgist introduces the motifs of journey and exile, myth and politics, history and loss, that animate this collection.