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Doctor Ecco's Cyberpuzzles

36 Puzzles for Hackers and Other Mathematical Detectives

February 2004

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"Dennis Shasha is the absolute best puzzle writer alive."—David Gelernter, professor of computer science, Yale University

In the tradition of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Ecco is one of the greatest sleuths of our time, a mathematical wizard who uses logic and computer programming to solve crimes, find treasures, and explore space. Join his team, expand the frontiers of your knowledge, and match wits with him on intriguing cases like "The Virus from the Spy" and "The Secrets of Space" and "The Caribou and the Gas." The puzzles collected here require no formal background beyond arithmetic and elementary algebra—just lively curiosity and keen intelligence. With thirty-six illustrated cases organized around eight major mathematical themes (from Combinatorial Geometry and Geography to Ciphers and Secrecy) this book will encourage you to use your mind and your computer in ways you never previously imagined.


“A delightful collection of original mathematical puzzles based on some of the newest developments of mathematics and computer science.” — Ron Graham, University of California, San Diego

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140 x 208 mm • 256 pages


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