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A New Verse Translation


Dante Alighieri (Author), Michael Palma (Translator)

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"Palma's wonderfully readable translation comes close to perfection. I'm tempted to call it a miracle."—X. J. Kennedy

Unlike every known translator before him, Michael Palma re-creates Dante's masterpiece in all its dimensions, without emphasizing some aspects over others, rendering Inferno into contemporary American English while maintaining Dante's original triple rhyme scheme. The result is a translation that can be appreciated for its literal faithfulness and beautiful poetic form, accompanied by facing-page Italian and explanatory notes. "A superb translation; highly recommended."—Library Journal "I find Michael Palma's Inferno to be one that I'm having a hard time improving."—Lawrence Ferlinghetti "I think highly of Michael Palma's Inferno....Readers will find it admirably clear and readable."—Richard Wilbur

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