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Health Care Reform and the Turn against Government


Theda Skocpol (Author)

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How did the debate on health reform turn into the most concerted attack on government in recent American history?

In this incisive account, a prize-winning social scientist offers deep insights into the changing terrain of U.S. politics and public policy. Because of far-reaching changes in the Reagan era, Theda Skocpol shows, the Clinton Health Security bill became a perfect foil for antigovernment mobilization. Thus its defeat provides a unique window into the new political landscape.


“A grim yet instructive diagnosis of what ails the American body politic.” — Robert Schmuhl, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Remarkably thorough and perceptive. . . . [A] major contribution.” — Alan Brinkley, Columbia University, author of The End of Reform

“Painfully honest and insightful. [Boomerang] forces progressives to ask fundamental questions about their theoretical assumptions. . . .” — Stanley B. Greenberg, author of Middle Class Dreams

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