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Mind-Body Therapy

Methods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis


David B. Cheek (Author), Ernest L. Rossi (Author)

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A remarkable collaboration between psychologist Rossi and gynecologist-obstetrician Cheek, this book guides and empowers therapists and patients to find the keys to their own health and well-being through therapeutic hypnosis.

Hundreds of engaging case reports from Cheek's forty years of clinical work bring the theory of mind-body therapy to life, while Rossi's chapters link Cheek's often intuitive work to the latest research in psychobiology.


“A thought-provoking, informative, well-written book in an area that has a large future but has so far often been ignored or dismissed.” — American Journal of Psychiatry

“The book is full of wonder, is rich in striking case material, and is a gold mine of potential experimental projects.” — Contemporary Psychology

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