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Flash Fiction

72 Very Short Stories


Tom Hazuka (Editor), Denise Thomas (Editor), James Thomas (Editor)

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"These stories are not merely flashes in the pan; there's pay dirt here!" —DeWitt Henry, editor of Ploughshares


“In just a little more time than it will take you to read this paragraph you can sample any one of the seventy-two very short stories in this anthology of brilliant miniatures. Some of the selections have already become so-called 'modern classics,' while many others deserve to become much more widely known. You can space out your reading of these epiphanic delicacies over a week or even months. Dear Browswer, I have to confess, I gobbled them up in a day!” — Alan Cheuse, National Public Radio

Flash Fiction is fun. I loved the variety and surprise of these stories. They should spark great dinner conversation, class discussion, and perhaps inspire some marathon writers to sprint and see what happens.” — Jerome Stern, author of Making Shapely Fiction

Flash Fiction is purely and simply a delight. Lots of stars are mustered here, but best of all for my money are the newer names and voices that speak well to and for the future.” — George Garrett, Henry Hoyns Professor of Creative Writing, University of Virginia

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