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Bully for Brontosaurus

Reflections in Natural History


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“Dozens of choice essays. . . . Teaching and its decline . . . and other signs of the decrepitude of the culture balanced by the cheer and zeal with which Gould extols advances in science. . . . Bully for Brontosaurus and bully for Gould too.” — Kirkus Reviews

“May be Gould's finest to date. . . . Whether his topic is typewriter design, thetechnical triumph of Voyager or Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak, Gould holds our attention. His essays are illuminating, instructive, and fun to read.” — Publishers Weekly

“No living scientist who writes for the public has a better claim to the mantle of Thomas Huxley in range of interests and felicity of style. . . . Bully for Brontosaurus is the fifth and finest selection.” — David Fromkin, Washington Post Book World

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