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Still Waters

The Secret World of Lakes


Curt Stager (Author)

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A fascinating exploration of lakes around the world.

Lakes are changing rapidly, not because we are separate from nature but because we are so much a part of it. While many of our effects on the natural world today are new, from climate change to nuclear fallout, our connections to it are ancient, as core samples from lake beds reveal. In Still Waters, Curt Stager introduces us to the worlds hidden beneath the surfaces of our most remarkable lakes, leading us on a journey from the wilds of Siberia to the Sea of Galilee.

Through decades of first-hand investigations, Stager examines the significance of our impact on some of the world’s most iconic inland waters. Along the way he discovers the stories these lakes contain about us. For him, lakes are not only mirrors reflecting our place in the natural world but also windows into our history, culture and the primal connections we share with all life.


“'There is nothing like a lake to reflect and reveal the world.' So declares ecologist Curt Stager, whose lyrical evocation of ‘living waters’ offers geological and biological revelations.” — Nature