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Ancient Brews

Rediscovered and Re-created


Patrick E. McGovern (Author)

With a Foreword by Sam Calagione

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Patrick McGovern—part modern scientist, part Indiana Jones—uncovers and re-creates the oldest alcoholic beverages ever found.

Patrick E. McGovern takes us on a fascinating journey through time to the dawn of brewing when our ancestors might well have made a Palaeo-Brew of fruits, honey, cereals and botanicals. Early beverage-makers must have marvelled at the process of fermentation, their amazement growing as they drank the mind-altering drinks which were to become the medicines, religious symbols and social lubricants of later cultures.

McGovern circles the globe—to China, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Scandinavia, Honduras, Peru and Mexico—interweaving archaeology and science to tell stories of making liquid time capsules. Accompanying homebrew interpretations and matching meal recipes help bring the past alive, as our senses and imaginations travel “Back to the Future”.


Ancient Brews is an excellent example of science outreach: honest about the limits of research, forthright about the tentative nature of results, and demonstrative of how scientific research can be a personal passion.” — Science

“McGovern’s new book, with a forward from Calagione, delves deep into the delicious tale of history and scientific discovery.” — Imbibe

“Patrick McGovern, a renowned scientist and passionate lover of fermented beverages, brings the history of ancient brewing alive with this fun, tempting and thought-provoking book.” — The Malta Independent