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The only fully modern macroeconomics text on the market, and the most accessible one for undergraduates.

Macroeconomics brings together up-to-date coverage of the ongoing economic crisis and the concepts behind macroeconomics today into a teachable, coherent whole. Today’s macroeconomics stresses the importance of monetary policy in the short run, and the need to treat the Fed in a realistic way. Macroeconomics uses the IS/MP model, and features the most modern treatment of growth, with complete, accessible coverage of the Romer model. Macroeconomics also includes complete coverage of the ongoing economic crisis, with two full chapters of discussion and analysis, updated examples throughout the text, and two brand new chapters on the “micro foundations” of macro (Consumption and Investment) influenced by the crisis.

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    Introduction to Economic Growth

    Charles I. Jones, Dietrich Vollrath

    Third International Student Edition, Paperback, 2013

    The long-awaited revision of the text that brought growth theory to the classroom.