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The Anticancer Diet

Reduce Cancer Risk Through the Foods You Eat


David Khayat (Author)

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World-renowned oncologist David Khayat provides easy-to-follow—and surprising—guidelines on the best foods to eat to help prevent cancer.

David Khayat led France’s war against cancer and has been in the medical trenches for thirty years. In this international bestseller, he shares his knowledge on the role of diet and lifestyle in getting different types of cancer and how to bolster the body against those risks. Bringing together his own cross-national studies with those of other top cancer experts, Khayat empowers readers with the latest nutritional knowledge. He guides them through all food groups, including supplements and beverages, often supplying surprising advice. Men and women of all ages will find tips to meet their specific needs in this accessible, user-friendly guide. Handy charts at the end of the book distill information on the best—and worst—foods, habits and cooking methods for every body.


“...eminently sensible and clearly laid-out handbook.” — The Bookseller