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The Life and Works of the Great Political Cartoonist


Herbert Block (Author), Harry L. Katz (Editor)

With an Introduction by Haynes Johnson

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A celebration of the man and his work, including a DVD with 18,000-plus cartoons.

There was no one like him. Throughout a career spanning seventy-two years and thirteen American presidents, Herblock’s spare, folksy cartoons made complex issues seem simple and moral choices clear. Syndicated throughout the country, his cartoons focused on important issues of the time, making Americans take note of the human folly that is politics.

Published in conjunction with a Library of Congress exhibition chronicling his life and times, Herblock will warm the hearts of all who have followed his work in the past and serve as an introduction of his work to a new generation. It is a celebration of his life that reinforces the importance of editorial cartoons as a vital means for expressing political opinion in America. Haynes Johnson provides a reverent and insightful biography, while Harry Katz places Herblock and his work in context. In addition to more than two hundred fifty cartoons in the text, a DVD containing more than 18,000 cartoons completes the collection.


“[A]s this generous selection of cartoons verifies, [Herblock] was drawing his trademark fat-cat big shots and portentous atmospheres (he was a master of shading) virtually from the beginning. Castigated as a knee-jerk liberal, he was really on the side of the little guy, repeatedly pointing out how big labor as well as big business, homegrown demagogues as well as exotic dictators, oppressed the common person.... Herblock’s Post reporter colleague Johnson, cartoon curator Katz, and the man himself, via snippets from his occasional writings, contribute to the text, and a DVD containing more than 18,000 cartoons accompanies the book.” — Ray Olson, Booklist

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