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A Little More About Me


Pam Houston (Author)

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Nonfiction from the author of the wildly popular Cowboys Are My Weakness and the best-selling Waltzing the Cat.

"Pam Houston catches the voice of an entire generation of adventurous young women whose intrepid hearts lead them into deep water," says Elle magazine. Now, with the gift of "speaking to Everywoman" (Library Journal), Houston treats us to a celebration of real-life adventures. In these essays, she ranges over five years and five continents. But whatever Houston's destination-whether Bhutan or Bolivia or Traverse City-it is only the starting point from which she extracts her personal emotional journey.

In A Little More About Me, Houston is searching for a place-not too safe but not too threatening-from which to negotiate mountain goats and river ice, camping trips and wine. Assessing her limitations, she takes "A Long Look in the Mirror." Through her we meet some good dogs, a few good men, and the occasional grizzly. There's a horse named Roany with the presence of a Zen master. And there's a Buddhist named Karma, proving what Houston has always suspected: fiction has nothing on real life. As she searches for balance within herself and with the world around her, Houston speaks straight from the heart, revealing truths about who we are and what it means, right now, to be alive.


“Houston's vigorous voice and lively take on what it's like to be a woman both physically bold and hopelessly romantic are to be cherished.” — New York Times Book Review

“Pam Houston makes the page disappear. She tells us new stories: funny, sad, compassionate, and true as secrets whispered between friends at night.” — Amy Bloom

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