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Arguing that "the appearance of difficulty is part of Joyce's big joke," Burgess provides a readable, accessible guide to the writings of James Joyce.


“Recognizing the coming and cosmic in Joyce, [Burgess] proceeds with his self-imposed task of unraveling meaning by scrutinizing the layers of a mind that was encyclopedic in dimension. . . . He has defined the perimeter of Joyce's adventure in both Ulysses and Finnegans Wake. . . . It took Burgess to place Joyce's satire in its proper orbit.” — Saturday Review

“Burgess has written a study of the most brilliant and humane of twentieth-century humanists.” — Philip Toynbee, The Observer

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  • 9780393341768 72

    A Clockwork Orange

    Anthony Burgess

    Paperback, 2019

    “A brilliant novel.… [A] savage satire on the distortions of the single and collective minds.”—New York Times
  • 9780393346381 72

    Honey for the Bears

    Anthony Burgess

    Paperback, 2013

    "There are so few genuinely entertaining novels around that we ought to cheer whenever one turns up. Continuous, fizzing energy…Honey for the Bears is a triumph." —Kingsley Amis, New York Times
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    Nothing Like the Sun

    Anthony Burgess

    Paperback, 2013

    "Wildly inventive" —Stephen Greenblatt, author of The Swerve
  • 9780393346398 72

    Tremor of Intent

    Anthony Burgess

    Paperback, 2013

    A brilliantly funny spy novel, this morality tale of a Secret Service gone mad features sex, gluttony, violence, and treachery. From the author of the ground-breaking A Clockwork Orange.
  • 9780393089134 72

    A Clockwork Orange

    Anthony Burgess, Andrew Biswell

    Restored Text, Hardcover, 2013

    A newly revised text for A Clockwork Orange’s 50th anniversary brings the work closest to its author’s intentions.