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What Is Philosophy?


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A work powerful and pervading in its implications not only for metaphysics but also for art, political science, and the philosophy of history.

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  • 9780393001280 72

    The Origin of Philosophy

    José Ortega y Gasset, Toby Talbot

    Paperback, 1968

    Ortega deals here with the roots and historical justification of philosophy, and the question of philosophy's essential unity.

  • 9780393001235 72

    Man and People

    José Ortega y Gasset

    Paperback, 1963

    The distinguished philosopher explores the foundations of sociology and makes a fresh examination of the meaning of society.

  • 9780393001259 72

    Meditations on Quixote

    José Ortega y Gasset

    Paperback, 1963

    A seminal discussion of literature by the author of The Revolt of the Masses.

  • 9780393001211 72

    Man and Crisis

    José Ortega y Gasset, Mildred Adams

    Paperback, 1962

    “A worthy companion of the author’s The Revolt of the Masses. Both books are marked by the brilliance, originality, and depth of the author’s interpretation of the crisis of our age and of the...
  • 9780393001228 72

    History as a System, and Other Essays Toward a Philosophy of History

    José Ortega y Gasset, Helene Weyl, John William Miller

    Paperback, 1962