Martha Nochimson

Martha Nochimson (Ph.D., CUNY) is an independent scholar and writer. She is the author of No End to Her: Soap Opera and the Female Subject (University of California Press), The Passion of David Lynch: Wild at Heart in Hollywood (University of Texas Press), Screen Couple Chemistry: The Power of 2 (University of Texas Press), Dying to Belong: Gangster Movies in Hollywood and Hong Kong (Wiley-Blackwell), World on Film: An Introduction (Wiley-Blackwell), and David Lynch Swerves: Uncertainty from Lost Highway to Inland Empire (University of Texas Press).

Books by Martha Nochimson

  • 9780393930191 72

    An Introduction to Film Genres

    Lester Friedman, David Desser, Sarah Kozloff, Martha Nochimson, Stephen Prince

    Paperback, 2013

    A brisk, accessible, and informative introduction to film genres.