Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong was raised by a designer/painter dad and a fashion illustrator mom and never thought of becoming anything except an illustrator. She has illustrated twenty children’s books, including Three Lost Seeds, using collage, egg tempera, oils, watercolor, ink, and other media.

Books by Nicole Wong

  • 9780884487647 72

    Three Lost Seeds: Stories of Becoming

    Stephie Morton, Nicole Wong

    Hardcover, 2019

    Seeds can be dispersed by wind, water, animals or the bursting of a pod. In Three Lost Seeds, these forces are a metaphor for the hardships faced by displaced children.
  • I'll Be the Water: A Story of Loss, Grief, and a Grandparent's Love

    Alec Aspinwall, Nicole Wong

    Hardcover, 2020

    Joshua and his grandfather love being together. More than anything else they love fishing. But Grandpa gets sick and is in the hospital a long time. When he gets out he and Joshua share one more...