Edith Hamilton

Edith Hamilton (1867–1963) was made an honorary citizen of Athens because of her writings. She won the National Achievement Award and received honorary degrees from Yale University, the University of Rochester, and the University of Pennsylvania. The author of The Roman Way, Mythology, and other works, she was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Books by Edith Hamilton

  • 9780393004250 72

    The Ever-Present Past

    Edith Hamilton

    Paperback, 1967

    Essays on philosophy and literature, both ancient and modern, by the author of The Greek Way.

  • 9780393002034 72

    Three Greek Plays: Prometheus Bound, Agamemnon, The Trojan Women

    Edith Hamilton

    Paperback, 1982

    Three classic Greek tragedies are translated and critically introduced by Edith Hamilton.
  • 9780393002317 72

    The Echo of Greece

    Edith Hamilton

    Paperback, 1964

    Fourth-century Athens has a special claim on our attention, apart from the great men it produced, for it is the prelude to the end of Greece.
  • 9780393001693 72

    Spokesmen for God

    Edith Hamilton

    Paperback, 2007

    The noted author and scholar presents a guide to the prophets of the Old Testament for the modern reader.

  • 9780393001136 72

    Witness to the Truth: Christ and His Interpreters

    Edith Hamilton

    Paperback, 2008

  • 9780393354447 72

    The Greek Way

    Edith Hamilton

    Paperback, 2017

    Edith Hamilton buoyantly captures the spirit and achievements of the Greek civilization for our modern world.
  • 9780393354454 72

    The Roman Way

    Edith Hamilton

    Paperback, 2017

    Drawing on the greatest writers of its civilization, Hamilton vividly depicts the life and spirit of Rome.