Eliot Weinberger

Eliot Weinberger is an essayist, editor, and translator. He lives in New York City.

Books by Eliot Weinberger

  • 9780811218382 72

    Seven Nights

    Jorge Luis Borges, Eliot Weinberger, Alastair Reid

    Revised Edition, Paperback, 2009

    A collection drawn from Jorge Luis Borges' lectures.
  • 9780811218481 72

    The Rose of Time: New and Selected Poems

    Bei Dao, Eliot Weinberger

    Bilingual Edition, Paperback, 2010

    A selection from the lifework of the internationally renowned poet Bei Dao, who is “like reading Chekhov or Turgenev reflected in a porcelain bowl” (The Times [London]).
  • 9780811218832 72

    Everything and Nothing

    Jorge Luis Borges, Donald A. Yates, Donald A. Yates, James E. Irby, John M. Fein, Eliot Weinberger

    Paperback, 2010

    A pocket-sized Pearls edition of some of Borges’ best fictions and essays.
  • 9780811227568 72

    The Poems of Octavio Paz

    Octavio Paz, Eliot Weinberger, Elizabeth Bishop, Paul Blackburn, Denise Levertov, Muriel Rukeyser, Charles Tomlinson

    Paperback, 2018

    Now in paperback, the definitive, life-spanning, bilingual edition of the poems by the Nobel Prize laureate