César Aira

Nominated for a Neustadt award and the Man Booker International Prize, César Aira was born in Coronel Pringles, Argentina, in 1949. He has published at least one hundred books and recently created a limited edition, “Valise,” for the Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

Books by César Aira

  • 9780811219990 72

    The Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira

    César Aira, Katherine Silver

    Paperback, 2012

    Aira's latest concerns a reluctant but powerful doctor who finally decides to use his healing powers to help a hopeless patient.
  • 9780811221085 72


    César Aira, Katherine Silver

    Paperback, 2015

    Was it a nightmare—the result of a bad case of indigestion—or did something truly scary happen after dinner in the Argentine town of Coronel Pringles?
  • 9780811221108 72

    The Conversations

    César Aira, Katherine Silver

    Paperback, 2015

    A cerebral and wildly funny story revolving around the incongruity of a gold Rolex watch spotted on a lowly goatherd’s wrist
  • 9780811220293 72

    The Musical Brain: And Other Stories

    César Aira, Chris Andrews

    Hardcover, 2015

    A delirious collection of short stories from the Latin American master of micro-fiction.
  • 9780811216319 72

    How I Became a Nun

    César Aira, Chris Andrews

    Paperback, 2007

    "A good story and first-rate social science."—New York Times Book Review. A sinisterly funny modern-day Through the Looking Glass that begins with cyanide poisoning and ends in strawberry ice...
  • 9780811219112 72


    César Aira, Chris Andrews

    Paperback, 2013

    At last, a noir novel from the Argentine master of suspense and surprises
  • 9780811219105 72

    Ema the Captive

    César Aira, Chris Andrews

    Paperback, 2016

    Ema The Captive, César Aira’s second novel, is perhaps closest in style to his popular An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter and The Hare
  • 9780811221122 72

    The Little Buddhist Monk & The Proof

    César Aira, Nick Caistor

    Paperback, 2017

    Two completely different stories by the inimitable César Aira
  • 9780811219082 72

    The Linden Tree

    César Aira, Chris Andrews

    Paperback, 2018

    A delightful fictional account of the small town César Aira grew up in—not so long ago
  • Birthday

    César Aira, Chris Andrews

    Paperback, 2019

    Birthday is among the very best of Aira—it will surprise readers new to his work, and will deeply satisfy his many fans